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Marketing of Your Site
Getting Listed In The Search Engines

Marketing of your site can be from a couple of different sources. The main one is getting your site listed in the search engines. The title is where most of the search engines first look. It should include all the words that you want to be found under, somehow .. maybe not in a perfect grammatical sentence, but as close to it as possible!  The hidden Meta Tags are also part of what the search engines look for to find you in a search.

The DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS tags are the most important. The description is a 25 word sentence describing your site. The keywords are just what they say.. KEYWORDS which you would like for people to find you under in a search. Single and plural versions of a word are allowed but NOT multiple use   of the same exact word. A search engine may throw you completely out or not list you at all if they find this. The Title of every page is also spidered by a lot of the search engines so you want to try to put as many keywords there as possible too. Any errors in these tags will cause you not to be picked up as well, for they can't be read.

Another way to market your site is to request links from any site on the Internet, whether it is related or not. And of course give a link back. A lot of sites may not bring huge amounts of visitors to your site, but every bit helps. This is also a service we offer or can give you assistance with.

Our marketing charges are one time charge until changes or updates are made to the site. Updating is billed at $60.00 per hour. Not all search engines find the same information and it is often confusing to people looking for certain things. Every effort is made to get you picked up by as many of the keywords and phrases you would like to be found under. An annual marketing program is suggested to check ranking with search engines.